Counting the ‘likes’ – The temptations of short-term driven marketing and how to resist them

I want to share this with you: A comprehensive view about long-term brand-bulding in a business-environment that increasingly functions with short-term metrics like views and likes by Weiden+Kennedy’s planning-guru Martin Weigel.

“Digital interactions have brought us a wealth of new data. The lure of this data is not only that is it immediately available, but that much of is highly responsive to marketing activity. 

Under pressure to account for our activities and to show that they are having an effect (any effect) and hooked on the crack cocaine of the short-term, we seize on intermediate metrics such as likes, views, tweets, shares and so on, like crazed junkies desperate for the next fix.

This data might be exciting, it might be highly responsive to communications activity, it might be easy to measure, and it might give us impressive sounding numbers to use in case study videos, but it is short-term data that tells us nothing about the long-term business effects of our efforts.”

Read the full blog entry: Marketing crack: Kicking the habit (Canalside View Blog)


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